Become a Friend of Gideons

Become a Friend of Gideons and Help to Spread the Word  

The Gideons International has a long history of distributing Bibles to people across the globe. If you want to help get the good news of hope in Jesus Christ to people in hospitals, travellers staying over in hotels, prisoners in jails, and people on the streets, the first step is to become a friend of Gideons. It is an international effort and with over a century of distributing bibles, The Gideons International has succeeded in reaching millions of people. Having God’s Word at hand in your home language when far from home can be comforting. Knowing that you are able to turn to the bible for inspiration while in prison means having hope. Prison can be a lonely place where the comfort of being able to study God’s Word to get new hope is often all that helps prisoners get through the day.

By becoming a friend of Gideons International, you become part of a project that bears fruit worldwide. It is not always possible to witness to people in far-off places and you may not be able to leave your life behind to go to them in person. But, you can do something and that is to become a friend of Gideons. They will see to it that the bibles – whether it be a full bible or the New Testament and Psalms – are distributed to where they are most needed. They have by the grace of God and to the honour of His name distributed over two billion bibles and New Testaments through the years.

It is a task that never ends, and although you may not see the fruits of your labour or donations in person, you will know that you have sown the seeds of good hope and faith in Jesus by donating to the association. Seeds bring forth fruit and because we should labour day and night to ensure that the gospel of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and our Saviour reaches everyone, there is no time to waste.

Bibles have been placed in over 90 languages, giving people access to the Word of God in their home languages. It is such a joy to give, and by giving to a project that you know makes a difference in people’s lives is even more rewarding. How will people come to faith in Jesus Christ if they don’t hear and read the Word of God? They might never know if we don’t reach out to them.

There are also missionaries, students, and people in hospitals who already have come to faith in Jesus Christ, but they don’t have bibles at hand. They want to study the scriptures and by giving them the tools to do so, we help them to grow and share their faith. New Christians often don’t have bibles and what a pleasure it is to give them access, knowing that they too will be able to discover the riches and glory of God through studying the scriptures.

Become a friend of Gideons and experience the joy of spreading bibles so people can find the truth and grow as Christians.