Christian Aid

Christian Aid in the Form of Bible Distribution Brings Hope

Christian aid takes on many forms and that is because every faith worker and Christian form part of a larger body of believers. One Christian aid organisation may help victims of violence in Africa, another may be involved in the distribution of food to impoverished communities in India, another may work in their neighbourhood to assist with books for education and, yet another can support outreach programs to bring the Word of God to every corner of the world.

The Gideons International falls in the last category. The organisation is focussed on witnessing and distributing more than 1,6 million Bibles and New Testaments per week. This means that more than 6,4 million Scriptures are distributed each month. These Bibles are distributed in more than 190 countries.

Understanding how important it is to enable a person to read the Good News of salvation in their own language, The Gideons has also committed to ensure distribution of the Bibles in as many languages as possible, and at present more than 100 languages are represented.

But, it is not an organisational effort. Instead, it is a group effort from members. Well over 290 000 Christian businessmen and their wives unite in the objectives of witnessing and distributing Bibles, following the same core principles and methods, and working towards the same goals. It is thus a disciplined effort to bring people to Jesus Christ through witnessing and provision of free Bibles.

How the Members Do It

The Bibles are placed in approved places and distributed across the world by members who also witness and share their faith. The members furthermore learn from each other, lead, and follow disciplined lives. Fellowship is important as members gain encouragement from others as well.

Members believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and have accepted Him as their personal Saviour. They follow Him in all their doings and believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. The members are in good standing in the Christian community and are accountable for their actions.

When thus considering which Christian aid organisation to support, do not think that one is more important than another. Each organisation working towards the goal of bringing glory to God’s Name, bringing others to salvation in Jesus Christ, being the hands and feet of the body of believers in bringing the message of salvation to every corner of the world, caring for those in need, and spreading love and hope through assistance programmes can only do so with the support of fellow believers.

By giving funds towards the distribution of Bibles you thus also support a Christian aid drive. Bibles are placed in hotels, prisons, schools, colleges, campuses, and many other places. Each Bible is distributed at the cost of around R20 and given for free to the people who need Bibles. Whether someone is travelling, in hospital, in prison or at college, giving them access to the Word of God is a gift worth giving. Your active participation through prayer and financial support thus makes a difference in the lives of others.