Christian Charity Organisations

Christian Charity – Giving the Word of God Freely

When reading the words “Christian charity organisations” you may think of charity organisations providing shelter to the homeless, distributing food at soup kitchens, providing clothing to the impoverished, and helping to rebuild homes after earthquakes. You may also think of missionaries and supporting them financially to ensure that they can travel to far-off places to witness about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What you may not have not thought about is a Bible distribution organisation. Though strictly speaking not a Christian charity organisation, The Gideons International is a non-profit movement with the aim of spreading the Word of God through personal witnessing and free distribution of Bibles in over 100 languages.

At present the members, with the support of people like you, have been able to distribute Bibles for free to people in over 190 countries across the globe. Millions of Bibles are distributed annually to places such as prisons, hospitals, hotels, schools, colleges, and military camps. Every member believes in Jesus Christ and has accepted Him as their personal Saviour. They are professionals and businessmen committed to living their lives for Jesus Christ. They are men of the Book, faith, prayer, of separated walk, and of compassionate heart, who witness and who give. The members’ wives assisted them in charity events, the distribution of the Bibles, with awareness campaigns, and more.

The organisation has been operational for about a century and the same proven methods of old are still used to spread the Word of God and reach people across the globe with the aim of distributing 120 million Bibles and New Testaments per year by 2020. With members known as Gideons, living and working in their own communities, it is possible for them to witness and distribute Scripture in places that missionaries may be unable to reach. As such, the ministry also operates as an outreach programme, filling the areas unreachable for missionaries whilst also supporting missionaries in getting the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ to every person on the planet.

How You Can Become Involved

Your passion for Christian charity organisations and ministry can be put to good use through personal sharing of your faith, praying for the ministry and for the people who we aim to reach, supporting Bible distribution through financial means, becoming a member and working within your community to distribute Bibles, and by personally witnessing about salvation in Jesus Christ.

Your prayers are needed. You can use our prayer calendar to support the goal of reaching people for Jesus Christ and you can donate towards the cause. Indeed, your participation in this regard will help reach thousands of people. According to statistics, every Bible placed in a hotel room can potentially reach 2300 people. As a member, you will help place Bibles in your communities at hotels and other approved places such as schools, where the Bibles mostly go to learners in the 8th Grade and higher.

The Gideons also distribute large numbers of New Testaments in rural areas over short periods. This is called National Scripture Blitz. The organisation also has International Blitzes where Gideons from around the world meet and work as one team to distribute large numbers of Bibles and New Testaments over a weekend or week period in the cities to people who cannot afford to buy Bibles.