Christian Donations

How Christian Donations Make It Possible to Spread Bibles across the Globe

The practice of Christian donations from various churches to support the work of The Gideons International started with a pastor. Shortly after the Louisville Convention in the USA in 1908, a meeting was held at the Ministerial Union where Brother Garlick addressed the ministers regarding the work of The Gideons. After his talk, another pastor, Dr E.R. Burkhalter, stood up and said that the Gideon Bibles would be distributed and placed in the various local hotels and the Union would pay for this. His motion was supported and from then on, the cost of the placement was assigned to the various churches.

With over a century since then The Gideons International’s founding, it has grown formidably and is now represented in over 190 countries and the association has been successful in the printing and distribution of Bibles and New Testaments in over 89 languages. What started as a local effort became international teamwork and The Gideons International’s work is still supported through Christian donations.

The main focus of The Gideons International is to place Bibles in public spaces where many people will have access to the Word of God and to get the Bibles into the hands of individuals and to Christian communities who don’t have access to the Bible or New Testament in their home languages. By placing the Bibles where they are needed, we can plant the seeds for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and enable people to get access to the Bible to read and discover the truth for themselves. It is also a form of witnessing and making it possible for people who have been reached to reach others as well. The Bibles are also given to new Christians, giving them the opportunity to learn directly from the Bible and to grow in their faith.

Places where the Bibles are placed range from hotels and places of care, elderly care homes, hospitals, and military camps, to communities where Bibles are needed. By giving donations, Christians from all over the world respond to the call to spread the message of peace, hope and salvation, helping others to come to Jesus Christ and to develop personal and living relationships with God.

The members of The Gideons International are Christian businessmen and their work are supported by their wives who pray, participate in functions, and help with the placement of Bibles to increase God’s Kingdom across the globe. Members are ordinary folk in good standing with the Protestant or evangelical churches. They fulfil the role of missionaries in the sense that they bring the Word of God to people across the world through Bible placement.

Well over a million Bibles and New Testaments are placed weekly and the work continues. This is only possible through the grace of God, support through Christian donations and through prayers and commitment to increase God’s Kingdom on earth.

Many of the recipients of Bibles are financially struggling and not able to buy Bibles of their own. Through donating to the cause, you also answer the call to help fellow brothers and sisters and to continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ until the time of His coming.