Church Charities and the Spreading of the Word of God

You may have stumbled upon this page because you entered a search for church charities, but you came to the right place. Though not one of the church charities in the traditional sense of the word, The Gideons International is a non-profit international initiative for the spreading of Bibles free of charge.

The initiative was born in 1908 with the placement of the first Bibles in obedience to God’s will in rooms of a hotel in the USA. Since then The Gideons International has grown into a truly international initiative with members in several countries, thousands of supporters and many churches and Christian groups donating to the cause and supporting the work through Bible donations.

The members of The Gideons International are businessmen who are also members of Evangelical and Protestant churches dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ and personal witnessing in countries around the world. Indeed, The Gideons International has through the grace of God been active in over 200 countries and has successfully distributed over two billion Bibles and New Testaments. We are grateful to God for enabling us to do so and thankful for the many labourers and supporters in this cause.

Over 80 million Bibles and New Testaments are placed around the world every year reaching people in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, to name but a few places. Indeed, without the involvement of supporters like you we would not have been able to distribute two or more copies of the Scripture per second.

The Bibles are distributed in public places, in hotels, schools, military camps, old age homes, hospitals, colleges, and prisons. With every New Testament or Bible placed we include a short preface and pamphlet with suggestions of verses in the Scripture for a variety of situations, the translation of John 3:16 in various languages, and a short introduction and explanation of salvation in Jesus Christ. We also provide a place where the reader of the Bible can sign and note the date of accepting their salvation in Jesus Christ.

We do not personally go to each hotel room to place the Bibles or to each hospital room. Instead, we provide the required number of Bibles or New Testaments and hand them over during a short ceremony. We also replace worn, damaged, or missing Bibles. The Bibles have an average lifespan of about five to six years and then repairs or replacements are needed.

We are always in need of more friends who can help us expand The Gideons International ministry and footprint help to reach more people to come to Jesus Christ. We know that not everyone can join as member and it is not possible for every person to go to far-off places to witness. However, every person has a part whether it is as a member, friend, or someone who donates towards The Gideons International or donates Bibles.

If you thus look for church charities in which you can get involved, consider becoming a friend of The Gideons International.