Donate to a Church

Donate a Bible – Spread the Message of Hope

How can they believe if nobody tells them? How can they grow in faith without reading or hearing the Word of God? The Christian body has many parts, all working together. When you donate to a church by giving Bibles or donations to pay for Bibles and translated Bibles, you give to your fellow Christians. You give seeds of faith and hope, the opportunity to learn, be inspired, and be hopeful.

What an amazing privilege it is to give. Through God’s mercy the Gideons International can place Bibles where there is a need. Hotels are places where people stay over, often far from their loved ones and often completely alone in the world. Staying over in a strange place without anyone to talk to can be lonely and it can also be fruitful – that is when the Bible is readily available. So many times, people forget to pack their Bibles for business trips, and what a lovely surprise it is for them to find a Bible in their room!

Not everyone that is in hospital gets visitors and sometimes even with the reassurance of visitors, what lies ahead may be a daunting and fearful thought. Psalm 23 comes to mind, but what if the patient can’t remember the exact wording and wants the confirmation of God’s promises, even when a person goes through the valley of darkness? What if there is a Bible at the bedside and the person can get the confirmation to build their faith, knowing that God leads and protects them?

Any person who has ever sat by the bedside of a dying person in a frail care centre will know how many senior citizens are forgotten. In some instances, their loved ones also long to be with them, but circumstances may be difficult with old people lying in their beds alone. Many of them long for someone to read just one verse to remind them that they’re not alone, and even amidst the pain of seeing a loved one slowly slipping away, being able to read to them from the Scripture is an amazing blessing. God uses His Word to bring the message of hope, joy, and peace. The Gideons International places Bibles at the bedsides of people in hospital and at elderly care centres where loved ones also appreciate having access to the Word of God in their hour of need.

But, have you ever thought about the churches in countries where the Bible is not yet readily available? Where our fellow believers often cannot afford to buy Bibles and where the need for God’s Word is eminent? You can donate money or Bibles to a church in these far-off countries and help to make a difference in these Christian communities. The Gideons International is an extended arm of the church. The work started in 1899 and the first Bibles were placed in 1908. Since then the organisation has grown to 300 000 members and has managed by the grace of God to spread Bibles across national boundaries, with over two billion Bibles already placed in what is an ongoing project.

Donate to a church by means of spreading Bibles and the money to get the Gospel of Good Hope to people in every country of the world.