Gideons Donation

How can we Help to Get the Word of God to Where it is Needed?

Though many people believe that the Bible is available in every language in the world, the truth is that only 43% of the world population has the privilege of being able to read the Bible in their home language. There are no Bible translation processes in the pipeline for over 30% of the world’s languages. That means that out of the more than 6 900 languages, around 1 860 languages are not yet covered. The good news is that the process has commenced for almost 3000 languages.

We don’t realise how precious the Word of God is and how dependent we are on being able to pick up a Bible and read it to find inspiration, learn, and listen to what God wants to teach us until we don’t have one readily available. Unfortunately for many believers, this is still a reality and just being able to read one piece of Scripture a day remains a dream.

However, we can make a difference through a Gideon’s donation. That’s right, it doesn’t mean we must travel the world to hand a person a Bible. There is an organisation dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ for free with the help of fellow believers who spread the seeds of hope by donating money and Bibles to send to far-off places, prisons, hospitals, old age homes, hotels, public places, and just about anywhere where a Bible is needed and is often not available.

In many instances, the translated full Bibles and New Testaments are delivered to people who don’t understand English and who long to have a Bible in their own language. Think about it. When we pray, we do so in our mother tongue. When we thus want to study the Word of God, we also want to do so in our mother tongue. Having the privilege to do so is not something to take for granted. Being able to present a gift that makes it possible for others to also have a Bible in their own language is also a blessing.

God often answers our prayers through Scripture. It is the place where we find refuge in times of trouble. The Bible gives inspiration, hope, and the message of salvation, and it speaks to our hearts. Having a Bible at hand in a place where we are alone, in pain, hungry, tired, old, discouraged, and sometimes at the sickbed of a mother or father, makes it possible for us to read and study God’s Word to find answers, learn the truth and find hope.

Millions of people still don’t have a single part of the Bible to hold onto. They rely on memory, on what others have told them, and what they have heard in sermons or over the radio. Many of those people are in jail, some are persecuted for their faith, and some have lost their entire family. Donating to spread the Word of God is sowing seeds that will bear fruit.

Today is your opportunity to sow into the Kingdom of God with a donation to help the Gideons International place more Bibles in the home languages of people around the world. Use our online system or contact us for more information on how you can donate Bibles or money towards spreading Bibles to every corner of the world.