Gideons Donations

The Amazing Gift of Placing Bibles for Access to the Truth

The Gideons International started way back in 1899 as two travelling salesmen’s vision to spread the Word of God. They wanted to place a bible in every hotel in the USA and this project, which began in 1908, is still ongoing today. The association started with only two men, but has since then grown into an international initiative with over 3 000 000 people from more than 194 countries placing bibles and New Testaments across the globe.

What Gideons International is About

It is an association dedicated to the distribution of Bibles and New Testaments across the world to people in hospitals, elderly care facilities, prisons, schools, centres for the destitute, and missionaries. Next time you are in hospital or at a hotel and see a bible at the bedside, think of Gideons International and the work and effort that go into placing the bibles where travellers need hope, where a mother sits at a hospital bedside and needs comfort, and where an elderly woman is alone in her room in an old-age home, forgotten by her loved ones and in need of a renewed sense of hope.

The Gideons International is predominantly dependent upon donations to help pay for the cost of printing, translating, and distributing bibles that help to make a change in people’s lives. Giving is a joyous act and being able to give someone the Word of God for free, or making it accessible when they need it most, is sowing with a purpose. The association, with the help of volunteers and donations, has over the past 100 years been able to place over two billion bibles and New Testaments in over 90 languages across the world. Giving people access to the bible is giving them the opportunity to find the truth, get to know Jesus Christ, be inspired, be comforted, be informed, and be loved.

Think about devastation that earthquakes can cause and what people lose during such disasters. They are without hope, homes, their bibles, and often also their loved ones. Donating bibles and money towards placement of more bibles at such disaster sites is a way of being there for those who need hope in times of adversity and desperation. Spread hope with the good seeds of donating to the Gideons International to place bibles. If you have bibles available, you can also donate them.

How to Donate to Gideons

Follow these guidelines for Gideons donations: First go to Choose the total number of Bibles that you want to donate or the monetary amount. You can make the donation by means of credit card or debit card payment. It is a secure-pay website. You can also sign up to have your Gideon donations debited from your bank account. You will first need to download the relevant authorisation at the website, complete and return it by following the instructions on the website.

If you want to include The Gideons International in your will, contact your attorney to stipulate such and the amount or donation of property, bonds, or stocks.