The Impact of Gideons Bibles on People’s Lives

Did you know that the Gideons Bibles are colour-coded? Yes, the New Testament Bible cover colours indicate the groups for which the Bibles are meant. However, the information contained in the New Testaments stays the same.

Orange is, for example, for the New Testament Bibles distributed on sidewalks. Imagine being at a low point in your life with work pressure mounting. It is December and when others go on vacation, you work just to make ends meet. You feel as if you are running a rat race and have been at the same job for more than five years without the prospect of getting a promotion. At this moment, you have no hope and don’t understand why you live and why you should attempt to make it through the day.


Someone hands you an orange-coloured Bible without trying to convert you to a particular church or religion. They simply smile and greet you. You wonder why anyone would even consider giving away a brand-new Bible without expecting anything from you.

You go to a coffee shop, open the Bible, and first read the short preface. You cannot even remember how the inside of a Bible looks. Curious and bored because the waiter is taking rather long with the coffee, you flip through the pages. And there it is… the reason you are alive! The reason someone went to the trouble to hand a stranger a Bible without trying to convince them of anything.

It is the defining moment in your life and the words become alive – or so it feels. It is as if the message is only for you, for the specific moment and time. This is when you also read and suddenly understand the message of hope, salvation, joy, and everlasting life in Jesus. You have reason to rejoice! The above is but one example of how distribution of the Gideons Bibles can change lives.

White is for distribution among medical professionals, red for distribution in schools, green for college or university students, brown is for distribution in facilities such as prisons and for witnessing to prisoners, periwinkle is for usage by the Auxiliary in personal witnessing, burgundy is for individual witnessing by volunteers from the Gideons, while dark blue is for Bibles printed in foreign languages, and light blue for distribution by members of the Auxiliary.

Over two billion Bibles have already been placed, but there is still a tremendous amount of witnessing and work to be done. Every Bible is a seed planted for which we can expect fruit. Jesus is the Living Word of God and only by witnessing to people, whether through personal witnessing or through Bible distribution, can we spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you want to become involved, you can join as a friend of The Gideons, can donate money for printing and distribution of the Bibles, or you can donate Bibles. In a world filled with pain and despair, spreading hope and the truth through Bibles is an opportunity for you to help others when they are lonely and without hope.