Spreading Hope and Truth – Become Involved in Christian Charities

When thinking of Christian charities you can join or donate to, thoughts of organisations and places where food and blankets are handed out, care buddy groups for helping the elderly in old age homes, or perhaps missionary work may come to mind. But, have you ever thought about The Gideons International as one of the Christian Charities?

Perhaps The Gideons International does not fit the regular profile of a charity because Bibles are handed out instead of food parcels, but faith comes from hearing the Word of God and faith grows stronger when we read and meditate on God’s Word. But, with millions of people still without hope and many millions of Christians without Bibles in their home languages, we cannot rest. Darkness flees before the light and the light is Jesus Christ!

Being able to read the Bible when you are in prison, alone in a hotel room, forgotten in a nursery home, sick in hospital, or frightened on military manoeuvres in a far-off country is something you can only truly appreciate when you are in the situation.

Some of us have ten or more Bibles in our homes and we are thankful for the privilege of being able to read and study God’s Word daily. But, our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ in places such as prisons, old age homes, hospitals, colleges, military camps, or in hotels while travelling for work may not have access to their own Bibles. Providing them access to the Word of God when and where they are alone, sick, tired, or afraid is a means to witnessing.

The Gideons International is thus not a conventional Christian charity, but the body of Christ has many parts and our part is to distribute Bibles through the Grace of God. Indeed, the organisation is non-profit and consists of voluntary members who give freely of their time and love. However, they cannot do their work without the involvement of the thousands of friends of the Gideons, donations from churches, and from people like you who care and feel it in their hearts to contribute by means of Bibles and money to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why the Name Gideons?

The name was chosen specifically to indicate commitment to obey the call to distribute Bibles as Gideon obeyed God and did exactly what God wanted. He did not shy away from the challenges he faced and he was characterised by his faith and humility. The Gideons International commits to obedience to God’s will and always endeavours to establish the same commitment among its members to do what is God’s will where they are, according to the guidance from the Holy Spirit.

How You can Become Involved

If you are thus looking for a Christian charity focussed on spreading the Word of God, then you are invited to become a friend of the Gideons, donate Bibles or donate money towards the printing and placement of Bibles as the Holy Spirit leads you to do.