November 9, 2017
January 24, 2018
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I was born and brought up in a traditionally Catholic family. When I was 17, The Gideons International visited the state school where I was attending 8th grade. New Testaments were distributed and we quickly received some orientation on how to read it. In the following days and on the weekends, at home, I began to read the book of Revelation, out of curiosity for the ‘mystery’ involving this book. Immediately the Holy Spirit of God started working in my life by putting in my heart a deep desire to become a citizen of the Holy City described in chapter 21. In spite of diffi culties and family resistance, that fi re within my heart increased day by day until I formalised my decision for our Lord Jesus Christ at the Assemblies of God Evangelical Church where today I serve the Lord as a member and a deacon, at the age of 29. The Gideons International recently visited my church and when one of those servants of the Lord was speaking, I recalled the

wonderful work that God had done in my life and was awakened to serve God through this Ministry as well. Today I am part of this ministry that once was an instrument of God to lead me to salvation. As it happened to me I want it to happen to many others, and that’s why I am going to take the Word of the Lord to people.

The Gideons International

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