August 4, 2017
August 4, 2017
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In Australia a young man lost his job at a time when his marriage was also under a great deal of stress. He checked in at a hotel and proceeded to drink himself to a standstill. Late that evening, he tried to go to his room, but went to the wrong floor. The lady in the room he tried to unlock called security and two men came up and took the young man to his room. As he left, the security guard took the Bible in the room and put it on the young man’s chest saying “Read that and get your life in order!” The young man angrily flung the Bible against the wall.

The next morning he ordered a taxi to take him to a place called “the gap” – a place on a bridge where many people had committed suicide. When he got out the taxi driver was paid with a $20 bill, but made no effort to give change. When the young man asked for his change, the taxi driver said: “Look buddy, where you’re going, you won’t need the change – and while we’re at it, that is a nice watch too, can I have it?” Stunned at the callousness of the driver the young man tried to reason with him, but the answer came: “Cowards like you make me sick. Why don’t you just get back into the taxi and let me take you back so you can get yourself together for a new start?” Dazed, the young man got back into the taxi and was taken back to the hotel, where he found the Bible still lying on the floor. He picked it up and started reading. After some hours he knelt on the floor and received Christ as his Saviour. He returned home and started a new life in Christ. Today he is happily married and running a successful business.

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