“Sam Kisten was a youngster playing in a rock band when he received a copy of the Bible placed by The Gideons International. Coming from an Hindu culture it did not mean much to him at first, but he slowly started reading it – sometimes even after coming home under the influence of drugs late at night. After three years of reading and studying the Bible, he gave his life to the Lord. Today he pastors a church in the Chatsworth community and heads a project that has planted more than 100 churches in Mozambique! Proof that God will not allow His Word to return void unto Him.”

WHO can become a Friend? Anyone who supports our ministry and its vision! Anyone who loves Jesus and wants to see His Kingdom grow, may join. The Friends of Gideons initiative allows non-members to get involved with The Gideons International and to play a vital part in the ministry’s growth through prayer and financial support.


Partner with us in prayer. To keep you informed, you will receive the following:

1 Quarterly Friends Newsletter.

3 Gideons prayer calendar

4 Invitations to events.


For every R25 that you contribute, we place a testament (locally or internationally).

When you sign up as a friend and contribute R200 or more per month, you will receive additional material (additional to the material on the left) that make witnessing for God exciting.

1 Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay — a book that provides valuable advice on witnessing.

2 Three custom designed New Testaments, free every quarter to make sharing and witnessing easy.

3 You can also buy additional New Testaments for your personal witnessing at only R25 each.




Please pray that God will lead others to become Friends with our ministry



Please let others know of our initiative and how they can contribute in a meaningful way to bring others to Christ.



Please share this initiative with those in your church, prayer/ Bible study groups, at work, in your neighbourhood and family to become Friends of Gideons.

What happens after I sign up? Aſter the national office receives your information, you will be registered as a Friend of Gideons. A welcome letter and a pack with material will be sent to you by mail.
Gideon members in your area will be notified of your registration as a Friend of Gideons. A representative of the camp will make contact with you, with more information on the next event you will be invited to.