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September 7, 2016
October 26, 2016
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I received a New Testament from the Gideons in 1995. This book taught me to acquire knowledge about the things of God. When I needed a word of comfort I would look through the first pages of the New Testament to search for help to my problems, and would talk to God through His Word. I always found comfort to my heart and soul. So, day after day, I examined the Scriptures, acquiring knowledge to face life. Everything that is good I learned through this New Testament: moral examples, which no university teaches; fidelity, which only God teaches and practices only He can place in our hearts. Today and till the end of my days I will be in the hands of the Lord. I have travelled as a truck driver all over Brazil, always accompanied by the New Testament.

I didn’t know who the Gideons were. Wherever I went I was asked if I was a believer. I answered that I was a catholic, but I didn’t attend any church. Without knowing, I was already a believer within my heart because little by little I got to know the will of the Father and put it into practice. I was raised without a father, son of a single mother. I didn’t finish primary school. I don’t have a diploma, but one thing I have: God has put fear in my heart to obey His Holy Word. I am now 45 years old, married, with 6 children. God has granted me a big house, a truck, a motorcycle and a clientele in the business of construction supplies. If I were to express everything God has done to me, there wouldn’t be enough space. I thank God for the Gideons, for the wonderful job of distributing His Blessed Word. May God bless you forever!

Edson José dos Santos (Pirassununga – SP)

The Gideons International


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