Christian Aid

How a Bible can Make a Difference

As believers in Jesus Christ as our true Saviour and the Son of God, we abide in love. This also means that giving without expecting to receive and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the message of hope and peace, form part of our daily lives.

When someone hears or reads the Word of God their faith can grow. But first, they need a Bible, and though many of us don’t think of Christian aid as giving towards Bible distribution it is, indeed, a form of donating to missionaries and care of people.

Many people cannot afford Bibles of their own. In communities where daily survival is the only thing they think about, people may hardly have any money for food and clothing. They cannot afford to buy Bibles for their children and this is where Christian aid comes in. We all form part of the Body of Christ. Some spread the Word of God, others attend to the believers, others tell people about Jesus Christ through missionary work and others take care of people’s physical needs.

The Gideons International’s members place Bibles free of charge at places where people need them. This includes schools, where the children are often introduced to the Bible for the first time. It also includes prisons where inmates often deal with violence and loneliness. Bibles give them opportunities to learn about forgiveness, hope, and peace. They spend time in meditating on the Word of God and many come to faith in Jesus Christ because of such.

The Bibles are also distributed to old age homes. During the last years of our lives, we often suffer from physical ailments. Many times, people are alone in their rooms. Some are forgotten by their families. Others simply don’t have anyone to care. What people in old age have is time to read or to listen to the Word of God.

Think about someone unable to speak, but able to read, who has limited communication with the outside world. The person is in frail care and knows that death is approaching. They need assurance, have fears, and are alone. Physical pain because of an illness, the longing to be forgiven for things done in the past, and questions that the person has are all factors weighing down on them. Receiving a Bible that they can read and study with the Holy Spirit working in their heart and opening the Scripture to them makes the difference.

Our members, with your support in the forms of prayer and donation, through the Grace of God, are able to bring the Word of God to places ranging from hotels to military camps, schools, communities, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Bibles are distributed in many languages and across the world. With Christian aid and church support, we can spread hope. Our members place the Bibles where permission has been given and also use the Bibles in personal witnessing. As such, it is a ministry dedicated to Bible distribution. Become involved today and help to bring the Message of Salvation in Jesus Christ to everyone in need.

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