Christian-Based Charities

How Prayer Makes a Difference in the Work of Christian-Based Charities

Prayer is often overlooked as an important way to support Christian-based charities. Praying together and in support of the work to be done is essential as we fight a spiritual battle. We thus call on you to pray for men and women of the Book, of faith, prayer, separated walk, compassionate heart, who witness, and who give on June 10, 2017, on the International Day of Prayer.

We request that you join with other members of The Gideons International, your camp, and your prayer group to pray for the activities of The Gideons International every morning between 07:00 and 08:00 as your time permits.

Why do We Call for Prayer?

For the Scripture tells us that we need to pray to receive. Pray with thanksgiving in your heart and pray for others. Prayer, just as much as donations and willing hands to spread the Word of God, is needed today.

We live in a world where prayer is needed more than ever. People across the world are bombarded with violence, threats to humanity, persecution for believing in Jesus Christ, and with onslaughts on their faith. Still more people are disillusioned because they no longer think that there is any good to live for. They are losing hope and they become desperate.

Just pick up a newspaper and you will read reports of violence, fraud, corruption, theft, human trafficking, and more. In a world where there is almost never good news in the media, people become negative. Suicides are on the increase and we are told about droughts and diseases. But, we stand firm in the hope and salvation that we have in Jesus Christ.

Praying for people to come Jesus Christ, to stand firm in their faith, to hold onto the truth, to live in peace, to care, to give and to live to the glory of God’s name is what you and I can do as disciples of Jesus Christ. We must call on God who knows all things for wisdom and for empowerment to reach the lost in our communities, in prisons, nursery homes, on the battlefield, in far-off places, in the schools and the streets. Our help and salvation come from God who created the earth and not from man.

The Gideons International is a non-profit organisation and one of many Christian-based charities that work along with missionaries and ministries around the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, there is much work to be done and we should also pray for more labourers and for more people to come to Jesus Christ.

Apart from prayer, you can become involved through donation towards the distribution and placement of Bibles in prisons, military camps, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and hotels. The Bibles are placed throughout many countries in various languages and it is always done for free. As the placed Bibles become worn over time, replacements are needed. Newly translated Bibles and New Testaments are placed where there is a need and where permission has been given.

Join us in prayer and support for the work to be done.

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