Church Charities

What is The Gideon’s International Role?

Though The Gideons International works alongside and with the support of churches and church charities, we are not a charity organisation that distributes clothing or food. Instead, our role in the Christian body is to place Bibles and thus spread the Word of God.

If you are thus looking for church charities in which to become involved through prayer and donations, pray about it and if you so believe, support the placement of Bibles for free through your donations, Bibles, and prayer.

What is The Gideons About?

The Gideons International distributes the Word of God freely around the globe. We place Bibles at military camps, hospitals, schools, fire and emergency services, and prisons. We also distribute and place Bibles at colleges, nursing homes, medical facilities, and at rescue centres.

We have the network and the necessary logistics in place to enable efficient distribution of copies of the Bible throughout the world at a cost of about R15 per Bible. This cost includes the costs of distribution. With a R150 donation we are thus able to distribute and place ten Bibles. Over 84 million copies of the Bible were distributed to people around the world in over 190 countries in one year, for which we give praise to God.

The members of The Gideons International have been involved in Bible distribution and placement for free to the receivers for over a century. It has been proven as an effective method for reaching the lonely and lost. It is by God’s grace and through faith that soon more than 2 billion Bibles and New Testaments will have been distributed since the start of the organisation.

Apart from the ongoing work of Bible distribution, we have national and international Scripture Blitzes. These Blitzes are when the members of The Gideons International distribute large numbers of New Testaments in approved areas in the course of a short period, such as rural areas and in countries where people cannot afford to purchase their own Bibles in their home languages. With the International Blitzes, selected members from The Gideons International from various countries work together as teams to distribute the Scriptures in cities around the world.

How The Gideons International is Funded

The organisation is in a sense a church charity in as much as it acts as a missionary arm. Funding is obtained through church community donations and through personal contributions from Christians in addition to our donor programme. A large part of the organisation’s funding comes from its own members. As an accredited member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), we commit to responsible and accountable usage of the funds received.

Churches from around the world partner with The Gideons International and presentations are held at these churches to raise awareness for the need to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people everywhere.

Your Role

There are so many people out there waiting to hear and read the Word of God and your support makes it possible to answer the call. People are coming to salvation in Jesus Christ daily through your active participation including prayer, assistance, donations, and membership.

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