November 9, 2017
November 9, 2017
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I was born and raised in the countryside of Rio Grande do Norte, in Apodi. I lived in a rural area where I worked in agriculture. Being brought up in a protestant family, I grew up being taken to church services. At the age of 15 I leſt the city to study. Once there I made new friends and began to attend clubs and to drink alcoholic beverages, leading myself astray from the path my parents had taught me. Between 20 and 21 years old I went through a major crisis. Then I remembered that I had a Gideon New Testament in my luggage. I started reading it daily with the desire to know God better and to experiment something to fulfi ll the emptiness of my soul. The more I read that portion of the Scriptures, the stronger was God’s touch in my life, and the more confronted by The Truth I felt. Aſt er 4 months of reading, on April 27th, 1986, I started attending a Baptist temple where I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. For almost a year that New Testament was the only Scripture I had available because there were no Bibles being sold in

the city, and I had no means of acquiring one. Today I am a pastor at Igreja Congregational da Estância Church, a Seminary professor and a board member in my denomination. I am grateful to God for everything He has done in my life and through me.

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