My name is Dave Viljoen, a pensioner and active member of the Helderberg camp in Somerset West for the last four years. I am also part of the Street Ministry in Somerset West. Here I am an active member of the preaching team consisting of seven people. None of us has any training but is qualified by the Lord to do His work preaching to a large group of homeless people every Sunday behind the Somerset West Town Hall, adjacent to the taxi rank.

At the end of April 2019, I was preaching on “Our calling” and tried to illustrate that despite their circumstance, they too can influence the life of someone else right there where they are (see 1 Corinthians 7:17-24). After the service, the people are fed with hot maize meals, bread, and tea. Two new attendees, Jason and Ashley, came up to me and asked whether I had a Bible for them. I gave them each a PWT (Personal Workers Testament), one Afrikaans, and one English.

On 19 May I attended the service as usual. Before the service started Jason and Ashley came up to me and thanked me again for their gifts. One had already read up to Mark and the other to John. I could see from the pages that they had been very busy reading. Jason testified that although his circumstances had not changed his life indeed had changed and that he was using his little Bible to spread the word of Jesus to his friends.

Now to me, this is what it is all about, and God’s Word never returns void, and both Jason and Ashley are two changed men. One of the ladies who also attends our church saw Ashley at the polling station where she was voting, and he was waiting patiently in the queue while reading his Gideons Bible.

I would like to encourage all Gideons and Auxiliary never to let an opportunity pass them by to give someone a Scripture. As Mark 4:14 says: “The sower sows the word.” So keep on sowing!

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