January 24, 2018
January 24, 2018
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A husband and wife had become depressed to the point of deciding to make a suicide pact and end their lives. In one last desperate attempt at fi nding something to live for, they decided to make a trip to India to see if any of the Far-Eastern religions could fi t their spirits. Instead of fl ying directly from London (their point of origination) to their destination in India, they had a stopover in another city. There was a problem with their airline tickets at that airport and their tickets took them to two separate destinations 200 miles apart overnight. They each checked into a hotel in the city where they had to spend the night.

The husband, bored and unable to fi nd anything to watch on TV, picked up the brown Book he found on the nightstand beside his bed. He began to read the Scriptures suggested in the front of the Bible. About 3:30 he knelt beside the bed and told God: “If You are real, I need You.” He received Christ as his saviour. When he was reunited with his wife the next day, they ran into each other’s arms. But before he could tell his wife what had happened to him, she shared that she, too, had read the nightstand Bible in her room and had received Christ the previous night! Today, this man serves as a pastor of a church in Norway. To God be the glory! The Gideons International/p>

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