January 24, 2018
January 24, 2018
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Through the years I have heard many times of the infl uence that Gideon Bibles had on peoples’ lives. As principal of the Drie Riviere High School it was my privilege to witness many placements of the red and blue Bibles to the grade 8 children. What follows is my own Gideon Bible tale. On Monday 21 January 2008, I went for a routine check up to my doctor. I was urgently admitted to hospital for a series of tests. At about 7pm that evening my wife, Erika and I were informed that I have leukaemia. To put it mildly: The news leſt me in total emotional devastation. On the one side was my hopelessness “Why this too? Why cancer?” On the other side Erika said: “But we are believers. Jesus is with us!” I was speedily transferred to the oncology ward.

Erika, two of our sons and I were eventually leſt alone with the unuttered question common to all of us: What now? That was when Francois picked up the blue Gideon Bible from the bed stand’s draw. How could I ever describe the impact of that reading and prayer? Later that night, when everyone had gone home, I took the Bible several times to seek guidance. And so I discovered for example, that Psalm 23 took on a whole new meaning for me that night! Eventually, enveloped in the peace of God, and carried by the prayers of family and friends, I was able to sleep peacefully in the early hours of the morning. To the believing Gideons who placed the Bible in Medi Clinic in Vereeniging, thank you. In my deepest need the Word of God was there to carry me through. I am assured that Jesus is walking the road with me. I am not alone! Regards in Christ The Gideons International

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