Sand Art

Sand Art

I often walk on the beach when the weather is good. For quite a while there are a few guys creating sand art on the beach. The municipality helps them by piling up a mound of sand for them. 

One Tuesday, I was walking on the beach and there were two stations where art was being created.  After my walk, I went to fetch three PWTs from my car and sat with them for a chat. Two men were busy at one station and another guy was occupied at the other station.

I chatted to Keith, a coloured man with dreadlocks and his friend, Happy, a Xhosa man with a blue top. Keith told me his story and that he was rehabilitated after being on drugs for many years. Their art is inspired by the Holy Spirit and always has a theme. This particular station has been there since before Easter with Jesus on the Cross as the central theme. At that time, they were making changes to their original work. They use sand, seawater and some basic tools.  

I decided there and then to give them each a PWT. I also told them about The Gideons and what we stand for. John, the third guy at the second station, also received a PWT. I was inspired by their story and how they project their faith into this beautiful art, a photo of which I have attached. Hundreds of people are able to admire their skills when they walk past or go diving.

They have little or no money but spend their time creating a beautiful story for everyone to enjoy. All glory to God. Keith saw my gift of the PWTs to them as an “eternal gift” and considers it far more valuable than money. 

Dave Viljoen Helderberg Camp

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