March 23, 2018
January 18, 2019
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Stanton Edwards was already involved in the world of drugs and violent games at the age of thirteen. It was a regular activity for Stanton and his friends to visit the streets and clubs after school, where they lived according to the evil ways of the world. This life of violence, death and destruction lasted four years until one very specific day... Stanton and his friends were on their way to a nightclub when he suddenly got a tremendous pain in his stomach. The pain was so bad that he decided not to join his friends. They left without him, but the moment they were gone, the pain suddenly disappeared and he phoned them to come and fetch him. Stanton’s friends returned to his home and suddenly the pain in his stomach was back. His friends were, of course, very upset about this and left him at home. For a second time the pain was suddenly gone, but Stanton decided to stay home that night. He found out the next day that three of his friends were shot and killed in a gang warfare that night. This touched him deeply and he started asking why his life was spared and not his friends’ lives... Sometime later, during assembly at William Creek High, a Gideon came to visit the school to distribute Bibles. Stanton could not remember the man's words and did not raise his hand for the sinners’ prayer. After the prayer, the Gideon told the story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. He told the children that Jesus can now save us from sin and death. This story made such an impact on Stanton that he decided to go forward and fetch himself a copy of the little red Bible. He began to read the Bible and found Jesus as His Savior. His whole life changed... Stanton stopped taking part in the evil activities with his friends and completely devoted his life to the Lord. He found peace, forgiveness, salvation, and freedom in Christ. Gifts of grace, greater than he ever dreamed of. Today, years later, Stanton devotes his life to the work of the Lord Jesus full-time. He serves at youth camps, prison centers and also in farm communities. Every time Stanton serves and sees people coming to the Lord, he thinks of the elderly man who was obedient and brought the gospel of Christ to a lost generation and school children despite his fragility and poor health. Looking back, Stanton testifies that God saved his life more than once and today he understands why.

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