November 9, 2017
November 9, 2017
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Brother Cleopa went to a service station to buy gas for his vehicle. At the station, there were fi ve employees. One man’s name was Musa. Aſt er talking to him, brother Cleopa asked him to please take personal workers’ Testament free of charge. Nearly one year later Brother Cleopa drove into another service station outside of Arusha to put some air in one of his tires. The person who came out to service his vehicle was Musa. Musa told brother Cleopa that he had received Jesus as his personal Saviour. He said, “One day I went to a bar to drink. While I was in the bar, my thoughts went back to my New Testament, which I had not read for six months. I leſt the bar and went home. I looked for my New Testament and started to read. The following day I went to the bar again. I was so nervous, that I could not drink at all, therefore I went home and read again from my New Testament. Because I could not understand, I went to a nearby

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