December 2, 2016
December 2, 2016
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The Lausanne- Nord camp in Switzerland prayed for 20 years that the Accord hotel group would allow the Gideons to place Bibles in their hotels. During 2005 the camp was asked again to pray for open doors at this hotel group.

The vice president felt, why pray again. Notwithstanding they prayed. Two weeks later the GM of the Accord Hotel Group phoned the vice president of the camp and asked if the Gideons could please place Bibles in all the group’s hotels in Switzerland. Customer’s feedback had pointed out that the service is good but that there are no Bibles in the rooms.

A prisoner in the local jail in Friboug in Switzerland told a Gideon that he had hated his wife and daughter and planned to kill them when he got out of prison. He received a New Testament placed by the Gideons and started to read it. After reading the New Testament he came to the conclusion that it was wrong to hate and to kill. Jesus showed him that there is another way. He said God helped him to forgive his wife and daughter. After he was released he was re-employed in his former job because he was a changed man.

A lady was ill and in the local hospital and started to read the New Testament placed by the Gideons. The lady next to her saw this and found out that she was not a Christian, and led her to the Lord by way of the New Testament. Today this lady runs a youth group of ±20 kids.


Jan van Niekerk

The Gideons International


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