On Friday morning, 21 February 2020, the Florida camp had the privilege of visiting two Muslim schools. We were two Gideons and one Friend of Gideons. At the first school we were not allowed to talk to the learners but were allowed to hand Bibles to volunteers. 268 Pupils took advantage of the opportunity. We trust that many will become aware of the Father that reconciled  us with him through Christ, and through the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

At the next school a big surprise awaited us – the pupils were called together after which we were allowed to address them. Since it is a Muslim school, we were  very careful about what we could say and what not. We have just explained that this BOOK is God-inspired and has the power to completely change your life and help you walk in a wonderful relationship with your Creator. Then the unlikely happened: the teacher took over the meeting completely and said the following: I am a Muslim and this is a Muslim school. Let me tell you that every Muslim is supposed to have the highest respect for the Bible. You must take this Book and keep it in a place of honour in your homes and read it regularly.”

While talking, two boys who did not pay attention to what was said, were called to get on their knees on the stage because they did not respect the Bible! Then a young girl came forward and asked him a question we could clearly hear. He then said: “the question was if we can bring our Bibles to school every day and the answer is, you most certainly may.” It was as if the Lord had completely taken over the proceedings.

An unforgettable experience. Our hearts were truly burning inside us because of His precious presence.