The price of a soul

The price of petrol is so high! That is on everybody’s mind. I filled up my car on a Tuesday, and I took out a Testament and started sharing the Good News with the attendant. Quickly another one came to wash my front window, and a third one asked if he could check my oil and water, and I had a wonderful audience!


They all listened attentively until the floor manager called one of them to help another customer. He was very curious and came to my car, and I could also share with him. When I gave him a Testament, I asked him to give it to the man that had to go, and to continue explaining it to him. They were all delighted and could not thank me enough.


I handed out four testament’s whilst my car was filled with this expensive petrol. I filled in my logbook, but I didn’t even concentrate on the amount because my mind was occupied with something else … THE PRICE OF A SOUL IS SO MUCH HIGHER! Yes, JESUS paid the ultimate price!


I was wondering how many Gideons and Gideons’ Wives have vehicles and how many times do they fill up their cars with fuel? I was wondering why it is so difficult to share the Gospel with the attendant in that few moments that your window is open, and you have his full attention? Is it because you do not have any BREAD at hand to give out to a starving world out there? Or is it that you couldn’t care less? Or is it because you do not have the R25 to pay for a testament? (I can assure you that I do not have money, but I know that when I order the Testament’s, God will and has always supplied for me.) When I got home and opened my computer, I saw that I would receive a rebate from SARS! Hallelujah!


When we went on mission outreaches, we would share the Gospel in the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and ENTRUST THE RESULTS TO GOD! I want to encourage every Gideon and Gideons’ Wife to be prepared to share, share and share until THAT GLORIOUS DAY! You will never know how many petrol attendants you will meet at the feet of JESUS!




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