Working with the Holy Spirit

Marius, my husband, is the manager at San Michele Home, a home for mental and physical challenged adults. This is a placement area for Gideons’ Wives, and we visit them annually to distribute Bibles to the staff members. Every morning, some of the staff members join him for opening with Scripture reading and prayer. The kitchen manager, Angelique, attends the prayer meetings regularly, and she committed her life to Jesus a short while ago after Marius guided her through the way to salvation at the back of her Testament. One morning she thanked Marius for the way that he teaches her about faith. Here is her story:

“Last night my car got stuck in an unsafe place and I started to panic when I could not get it to start, and I could not get hold of somebody to help me. Suddenly I remembered what you said about faith, and I called on Jesus for help. Then I heard a voice telling me to start the car. I was very relieved when the engine instantly ignited, and I could drive back home. That was the most amazing feeling of joy and the first time that I trusted Jesus to help me.”

The above message is a very good example of working side by side, as a couple, for the faith of the Gospel. I sowed the seed, Marius watered it, and the Holy Spirit let it grow.

To God be the glory!

Colla Bosman

National President: Gideons’ Wives

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