November 11, 2016
December 2, 2016
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In 1997 I was working as a police investigator. I was at the police station when some men came in shooting. I was shot seven times and taken to the UNICAMP General Hospital in critical condition, between life and death. One day at that hospital, while in life support, a man came in, gave me a New Testament and said, ‘when you leave here, you need to give God some time. Only God can save your life’. I was a man who didn’t know the love of God. I was a policeman who trusted in human strength rather than divine power. Only when I have seen myself between life and death, I was able to feel how limited I was. When I left that hospital, the voice of that man who had given me the New Testament echoed in my ears: ‘You need to give God some time’.

I began to read the New Testament and realised that I was so fragile and needed Jesus in my life. So, I searched for an evangelical church and accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour. Soon after salvation, my wife also accepted Christ. I am still a policeman and was invited to become a Gideon and accepted this Ministry with great joy.

While giving my testimony during installation dinner of Pedreira camp (SP) I saw the man who had given me the New Testament at that hospital. It was such a joy within my heart, as well as in that Gideon’s heart! He was Brother Jorge Fidélis from Campinas-North camp (SP), to whom I send my gratitude. I thank God for the Gideons International in Brazil and for being a part of this ministry of taking the Word of God. I’m a member of Agape Baptist Church and today I can say that my household and I serve the Lord.

Vladimir dos Santos, Pedreira, SP

Brazil, 2002

The Gideons International


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